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Can anyone suggest a alternative plugin I can buy that creates a XML feed for products that you don't need WooCommerce?
I've searched too, found nothing. You could increase the maximum posts in my function. I myself have concluded that vith facebook pixel and google merchant auto-scanning, there's no need for a plugin for these 2 to know about the products..

Dimitriy Strekalov

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I'm, writing this in case some of the G Merchant users encountered this issue and hopefully managed to fix it.
Issue: the GM addon does not generate the feed for all the categories (21 cat. with 3500 prod.). It does work fine for single categories though, and it's worth to mention that it did work before.
This is the googlecatalog.xml content after generating the feed for all categories:
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So, anyone dealt with this and managed to fix it? How?

My personal opinion is that 3500 products is too much for the plugin, and that's why it does work for single categories. However, I've been told that the plugin should hold 10000 products.
Tech info:
  1. Raspberry Pi 4 (specs)
  2. NginX 1.14.2
  3. Php 7.3.27
  4. Wordpress 5.6.2
  5. Alidropship plugin 1.8.21
  6. Google Merchant AliDropship Plugin 1.1.14
  7. MySQL 15.1 Distrib 10.3.27-MariaDB
From my side, I have disabled all the other plugins, cleared the cache, checked the php/nginx/mysql error logs (nothing there) etc. The Alidropship team is unfortunately helpless without Cpanel access, so this leads me to my fellow users of this plugin.
Any opinion is also appreciated.

I am sorry for the trouble you have with the Google Merchant add-on.

Could you, please, send me a PM with your WP-admin access details and either FTP or SSH access details, in case you don't have a CPanel.