google merchant

  1. davidson


    Hi, I'm, writing this in case some of the G Merchant users encountered this issue and hopefully managed to fix it. Issue: the GM addon does not generate the feed for all the categories (21 cat. with 3500 prod.). It does work fine for single categories though, and it's worth to mention that it...
  2. F

    Insufficient match of microdata price information

    Dear All, I am getting one error in google merchant account "Insufficient match of microdata price information" And when i asked with google team so they informed review your microdata as price is mismatching but what is microdata and how can we fix and update on google merchant account ? So...
  3. tubefeed

    Google merchant code - where does this go?

    I am adding products to Google merchant. This requires me to do as per below. Question: where exactly in my Raphael site can i add this?
  4. E

    Google Merchant Adon not showing in side bar

    i just installed Alidropship Google Merchant Adon, activated it but it is not showing up in side bar as sown in knowledge base tutorial.
  5. omktg

    Google Merchant Addon Issues

    Hey guys @Yaros @Ekaterina Sayapina I've been using the addon for a while, and found some issues... 1. The addon creates an extra long feed, its looks like it creates a different feed item for every single attribute inside our product page, like for example: In that product page, the addon...
  6. neeraj89

    Google merchant setup

    Hi, Was going to try google shopping ads for the first time. Do we need to select all the categories, while generating XML file? Or just one category is fine (which i am going to advertise)
  7. L

    Add UPC/GTIN

    Hello, I need to add a UPC/GTIN etc.. to my products in order to upload them to Google Merchant Center. Can you please provide a solution for doing this? Thanks
  8. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    Woo Feed

    Is any way to use WOO FEED plugin on Ali-dropship website, so any update on my product will reflect the product feed table?