Google Cache Not Showing Text Content

Hello Guys,

I launched my site 2 days back and got few pages indexed. However, I discovered that the content that is written on the category page which is shown after the pagination does not get indexed.

I also tried to check the and index cache of its category pages too and I found that this problem also exists for it too.

To check the difference, you may go to its direct link which shows that there is a content at the bottom of the page -
However, when you see its cache - you won't find the content and this applies to all the category pages that I have checked

This is serious because if the content doesn't get cached then it definitely affects rankings.

I am using Yoast Plugin and I am not indexing pagination.

I found one more thing which is affecting the SEO. The category menu shows the description for every category on all pages which kind of makes it not suitable for SEO too.

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The article exists in cache version too, you can't see it because when the theme is displayed in cache Google does not use all necessary styles and there are issues with imposition. So this content is available for indexing.