GDPR Complaince Policies


Hi.. I was just wondering since our pages policies are auto generated thanx to Alidropship Original Theme.. and from 25 May 2018 , GDPR rules will be implemented.. will these pages come with GDPR Complaince Policies??? Before 25 th ?? That will be huge favour.. As most of us are not expert in Legal Terms.


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8. Consult your local lawyer
We strongly recommend you to get legal advice concerning the GDPR: many of the statements in the new regulation are quite ambiguous, and if you want to interpret them in the most favorable way for you, it’s necessary to discuss it with a professional lawyer.

Olga L. 16 days ago
No, we are not authorised to perform site audit of this kind: since it’s a legal matter, only a certified lawyer can give you a professional and reliable feedback concerning GDPR compliance.
The new version of our Terms and Conditions page is a work in progress; after May, 26th, you can get in touch with your dedicated support manager, and ask to provide you with the updated page version.


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On that page you mention, Olga also stated:

"On your privacy policy page, YOU can write the following: {refer to screencapture}

GDPR again.JPG

Will wait for official response for the reason why plugin owners have to approach 'dedicated support manager and ask to provide you with the updated page version'

Have to wonder why cant a GDPR compliance page be included with the constant updates?