Free shipping "minimum order price" not working

I tried to set up "Free shipping" like this:

When I test an order $7 product, I saw "free shipping.". This is unexpected, my setup wrong?
Hello ;) This is definitely not good. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will investigate the issue.
Thank you,
I also have some new problem

1. Multiple categories price synchronization issues
If a product has multiple categories, each of my categories has a different "Pricing Markup Formula" and I want to apply it to one of them. I think the price is calculated using "Primary Categories", but tests and not correct, they are confusing. Now I can only select individual categories to get the right price.

2.100% discount problem
I want to cheat, to provide 100% discount, but customers need to pay the shipping. I set

On the product page it does not show "-100%" to draw attention.


This is another product, It is no error

Was this ever resolved? I am having a similar issue with the Original Plug-in.

Basically, when Free Shipping is enabled with a minimum purchase, then the checkout always gives free shipping regardless if the minimum was met. Even worse, if you select the paid option, it does not add the shipping fees to the total and still gives the customer free shipping.