free shipping

  1. J

    Shipping Settings Issue/BUG -Original Plugin

    Hello, This is an ongoing issue with the original plugin since I have purchase it more than a year ago. Originally, we could Setup up a shipping method, but that method would be disabled when the Free Shipping amount was met. Example. Shipping is $10, Free Shipping $50 minimum. If a...
  2. D

    Dropshipping Jewelry Store

    I am interested in selling online jewelry store: It is 3 months old. The business model is through dropshipping. Free shipping woeldwide, payment gateways through paypal and credit and debit cards. He has accounts on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and...
  3. Leonardibong

    I Having Problem with Shipping Method Please Help

    On my store when checking out there's an option for customers to either ship from china or united states and each time there choose united state the shipping cost is always more than the product price and am offering free shipping. How do i fix this please
  4. jacoplee

    Free shipping "minimum order price" not working

    I tried to set up "Free shipping" like this: When I test an order $7 product, I saw "free shipping.". This is unexpected, my setup wrong?
  5. S


    Hi, Just wanted to know the best configuration for this setting?? the default I guess is free shipping which will take up to 30 days I would like to offer the other shipping methods like SUPERSAVING STANDARD EXPEDIATED The question is if I offer theses optons to my customers, how do I...
  6. cristal29

    Estimate Shipping Rates for All Countries

    Hello everybody! I'm having some difficulties in setting up my shipment rates and would be great to find some examples of shipping price strategy from other fellow drop-shippers. Basically my target markets will be english speaking countries but in case clients from other countries want to buy...
  7. M

    Shipping settings for different countries

    How can i setup my store to to offer shipping faciloty as per the country. for example. if the customer is browsing my website so only the epackets products will listed to him. and if any customer is browsing from middle east he should see products with normal aliexpress shipping. As i know...
  8. L

    Free & Paid Shipping - Is there a way to combine both?

    I have a challenging scenario, it is a follows: In one order, someone is buying 3 product, one is a free product but paid shipping and the 2 other products are paid products and free shipping, so the question is how can the shipping be combines so that payment for the free product shipping is...