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I am interested in selling online jewelry store: www.charm-expert.com

It is 3 months old.
The business model is through dropshipping. Free shipping woeldwide, payment gateways through paypal and credit and debit cards.
He has accounts on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube), has followers on Facebook and Instagram.
The reason for sale is due to lack of time to manage it.
Leave your message at (+503)61808653 for more information regarding the price and features.
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Direct Webstore

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I would suggest you to try some new earrings.
I would suggest to look at the date of the post.

I also suggest you look at the non existant site.

I would also suggest that if you want to SPAM posts, you make your hidden link to YOUR earrings more visible. I mean, what's the point in hiding it? Unless you are stupidly trying to create fake backlinks. I'm afraid that the Google Bots are a lot smarter than you are.

And if that's not the case, I would also suggest that trying to sell your earrings HERE to fellow drop shippers who can get them cheaper at Aliexpress is 100% stupid.

And finally, I suggest you get a new brain. But not from Aliexpress. ;)
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Managing an online store is definitely very hard. In the beginning, it involves all your time and power. I mean, keeping it on point is also very hard. My friend holds an online jewelry shop and, she usually is exhausted. Working online isn't always easy. She put a lot of her personal time and money into Wholesale Gold Jewelry to grow as beautiful as it is now. I am very proud of the people that manage to build and maintain such a company! Also, it's sad that people sell such businesses that have prominent opportunities to grow.
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Managing an online store is definitely very hard. In the beginning
Yes and No, Building from scratch an online store is definitely hard, Run in them not so ever, you learn through your mistakes or other people mistakes do for you to avoid them in the future.

* Lucky us are people out there who can build and explained to us how to run an online bussiness.

keeping it on point is also very hard.
I totally agree with you, for once ;)
Anyway, even if this site is not available to look at, I would like to point out that I only see jewelry shops for sale lately. That's quite unusual and strange. Still, nowadays, many online stores provide a vast amount of jewels options. For example, I was just looking on a jewelry manufacturer Canada site with unique and exclusive jewelry, starting with necklaces, rings, and bracelets. I recently purchased a necklace for my mom, and it kind of surprised me. Besides the affordable price, the quality is excellent.
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Hmm, I'd never thought about it before, but it sounds exciting and instructive. But why put it on your face while you can wear it as jewelry? Anyway, I've got a story to tell you about this topic. Last year, I was searching for an opal ring to send to my girlfriend as a gift. I looked for the best option for weeks. Unfortunately, all of the online shops I looked at were prohibitively expensive. So I looked into crystal therapy and bought opal rings, which turned out to be the perfect decision. The gemstone I got is stunning and vivid. I consider myself fortunate to have found this opal at such a low cost. I hope you were able to answer all of your questions!


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One of the main products of stores with an Orthodox theme is a golden (Orthodox) cross.. All products are made of 585 gold. There are samples of red and white gold, on which the cross itself is made of red gold, and the figure of the crucified Christ is made of white. There are crosses made only of red gold. The products differ from each other in size and cost. These are traditional Orthodox crosses made of high quality gold. Depending on your personal preferences and financial capabilities, you can purchase one of them. And also you can easily perfect chain selection.
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Experience has taught me that no reputable place charges a membership fee to sell their products. So, no, I would never pay a membership fee.

I'd start by contacting the actual brands I want to sell and if they will not dropship, see if they can point me toward their largest buyers or distributors who very well might.

As to your other question, the answer is "maybe". Customized Jewelry Online is, by far, the highest markup product there is and you can make some serious profit selling it. That said, it is also very prone to fraud, so I would definitely be using a fraud guarantee service like Signifyd or NoFraud to protect me.