Facebook Group For Instagram Engagement

Hi guys!

I've created a new group on Facebook to help us with Instagram engagement. How does this work?
It's fairly easy, this group was created to help to increase our Instagram engagement by helping each others commenting and liking our posts.
The rules are:
1.Your account must have at least 1k of followers
2. Be very active!
3. Before dropping any links comment and like 5 links on Instagram. Once you are done commenting and liking, Comment on the post 5x DONE
4. Post your Instagram URL and REMOVE THE PREVIEW down below.
5. I will try to make 2 posts daily

This will help our posts become more viral and appear on top of hashtags.
Let me know if you are interested and I can add you to the group. I'm open to suggestions also.

Thanks! and let's crush Instagram!


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I got the impression that my customers are stuck when reaching the final stage of filling the form..
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