Facebook Ads Target for specific niche

Hello , I want to ask you a question, If you had a budget ot 200$ per month for ads and you got your self a pretty dropship website in the niche of health beauty products like masks creams peel-ofs how would you market it? and how would you adjust your AdSet on Facebook ads, how would you target your audience. Which behaviours and demographics would you choose , because for now I only use women 19 - 40 and it is not working good. Thanks I searched on google and on other forums but I can not find a more detailed answer.


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Well the question you are asking is like explain me the universe.

I will send you some keywords and interests you can target on facebook.

Send the product name and what type of product it is that you are wanting to promote on facebook

Accordingly i will send you some highly curated audience interests and keywords

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