email distribution and subscribe issues

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Good evening all,

I'm hoping someone can help.

I'm very new to website building as you will guess from reading the post below.

I tried using mailgun as my email distributor and couldn't get it to work. I have created a subdomain as advised by mailgun but I didn't know how to edit the DNS or MX TXT. Then I found this forum and saw in another post that Sparkpost is a better way to go. So I sighned up to them hoping that would rectify the problem but had no success there either.

When I try to send a test i get this:

Error: Bad Request { "errors": [ { "message": "Invalid domain", "description": "Unconfigured Sending Domain <> ", "code": "7001" } ] }

Is a subdomain really required in order for these mail distributors to work?

And the other issue i'm having is with the e-mail subscription, I can't get that working either. I have read that mailchimp may be the way to go. Any advice?
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Hi, I am using MailGun and you don't need any subdomain. If you don't know how to edit DNS and other info just ask your hosting provider, they will help.

About e-mail subscriptions. I am using MailPoet, it's free and works good for me. But you can use also Mailchimp, as I have heard they have good service.


hi, my subscription does not capture the emails - where can I find the emails that signed up? It does not show in marketing section of the plug in. Also it does not have any pop up message thanking the guest for signing up. How to fix and set that up?