1. D

    Database server

    Someone knows Which is the name of the database server? I'm doing a new website with a subdomain and worpress requires that information to be able to create the site I'm using alidropship hosting
  2. Moha

    Wordpress blog on my website

    Hi, Here is a noob idea that I need help with. I have a alidropship website. Hosted on alidropship. I have a wordpress blog that is getting 250+ daily traffic. Question: Is there a way I can make my wordpress blog part of my site? So that traffic to my blog can come to ""...
  3. pravin.p

    Selling my Unlimited A2 Hosting SWIFT plan

    The plan expires on 28 October, 2018 Reason: Its USA based hosting, I am moving to other location hosting where I provide my services. Price: $35 $25 PayPal or Payoneer Have questions? Feel free to message me
  4. Herwig De Leeuw

    plugin and subdomain

    Can i use the same licence for my domain ( and subdomain(s)? I want to create more subdomains by specificity ex / / etc
  5. T

    email distribution and subscribe issues

    Good evening all, I'm hoping someone can help. I'm very new to website building as you will guess from reading the post below. I tried using mailgun as my email distributor and couldn't get it to work. I have created a subdomain as advised by mailgun but I didn't know how to edit the DNS or...