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Hi everyone!
Spending stats today!
Let's roll

It's annoying when your baggage exceeds the allowed weight at the airport, but it is even more annoying when the arrow on your scales exceeds the norm. To prevent this from happening to you, our marketeers run ads on weight loss products. That's the first screenshot

Guys on the second screenshot have found their own approach and run ads on infobusiness.

The third and the fourth screenshots - these guys work with dropshipping, showing good profit







It's Thursday, which means another spending stats release
Let's roll

Guys on the first and second screenshot run gambling ads. The first one is FB, the second one is Google. And, as you can see, both are quite successful

Bitcoin is the bomb, so let's run crypto ads. That's the third screenshot

We keep looking young and pretty thanks to affiliate marketers, who run ads on nutra products - that's the forth screenshot.

If you want to be tuned-in in most areas of life, then our clients will help you out. They run ads on coaching services, that's the fifth screenshot






Spending stats today

You don't have to go to a casino to get 777, you just need to run gambling ads. That's the first two screenshots. Guys on the first screenshot run Google ads, their spends are shown in thai baht, so that's ~$3500. The second screenshot is about FB.

Guys on the third screenshot work with e-commerce, running FB ads and showing good profit. Spends are shown in Swedish krona, so that's around ~5000$

Thanks to our clients it easy to stay healthy and attractive. They run ads on nutra offers. That's the fourth screenshot.


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Is it possible to make money on seasonal offers

Seasonal offers are categories of services and products for which there is the greatest demand at a certain time of the year.

For example, warm clothing is relevant before the winter season and during the cold season, bicycles are needed before the warm season, and school products are needed before the beginning of the school year.

That said, affiliates often underestimate seasonal offers and work with them only during times when people are interested in them. If you spend a little more time studying the specifics of a particular offer, you can make money on it year-round.

How to check the seasonality of the offer

The easiest way to check the peak time of demand for an item is to look at the history of user requests. To do this, enter the name of the product into Google trends or Yandex Wordstat.

Depending on the country in which you plan to promote the offer, the demand may vary.

Let's say you have to promote warm clothing. In Egypt and the UAE, the weather is warm all year round, so the demand for the offer will be much lower.

And in Russia there are different climatic zones, so the demand for warm clothing will depend on the specific territory and season.

In Yandex Wordstat the data on queries will be shown for the last 2 years. When checking queries, specify the region and city in which you would like to check the frequency of queries.

This is important, especially if you are working with a large country with different climatic zones and nature. For example, if a particular region has warm summers and cold winters, closer to the cold season people will be interested in warm clothes, and closer to the summer — in lighter clothes.

For example, demand for down jackets throughout Russia begins to grow in September and reaches the highest level in November.

If we look at the growth in demand for the Urals, we can see that demand is high starting from October and stays that way until December. This is due to the fact that there are mountains in this area where the snow appears earlier than in other areas.

Tickets to Moscow, on the other hand, are in demand all year round. The sharp drop in April and May 2020 was due to the introduction of anti-COVID measures and the self-isolation.

In this case, if you work with foreign traffic, the data from Google Trends will be more informative for you: Yandex is not as popular abroad, so it is better to check the seasonality of foreign offerers through Google.

In Google Trends you can track the dynamics of demand since 2004 and select any period of interest. This is useful if you need more in-depth analytics on product demand.

For example, demand for vitamins in the U.K. is only growing. The spike was due to a new strain of coronavirus that was found in the fall of 2020.

How to work with seasonal offers all year

After you have conducted a demand analysis of a particular offerer, pay attention to the following points:
The country and city in which you are promoting the offer. To effectively attract traffic from specific definitions, it's important to consider:

- Temperature conditions in the chosen territory,
- Leisure and availability of resort areas,
- The financial situation and earnings of the residents;
- The needs of the region.

For example, the Republic of Kalmykia and the Kurgan Region are among the poorest regions of Russia. At the same time, they have a lot of credits and debts: the inhabitants of these regions often take out loans because their income is not enough to live on. This is worth considering if you plan to work with financial offers.

Special offers from the advertiser
Often when a seller offers to promote a non-seasonal product, he gives the customer some kind of bonus. This can be a discount, a gift, or several products for the price of one.

Such offers help to increase the demand for the offer. The main thing is to put the right emphasis on how the product will be useful to the customer and why it is important to buy the product now.

Economical situation on the territory.
Depending on the economic situation, the prices of certain goods can vary greatly. For example, the prices of many goods in Russia depend on the exchange rate. This may be due to the fact that the goods themselves or their components are imported from abroad and purchased for currency.
In april 2021, all the news predict the rise in prices of clothing and footwear closer to the summer and not less than 20%.

According to this affiliates have an opportunity to actively promote any type of clothing and footwear, emphasizing the imminent rise in price. For many users, this will become a motivator to buy the product now, so as not to wait for a price increase: income grows slower than prices.

Popularity in the media. If you are planning to work with some offer, pay attention to media publications, blogger trends, and social networks. In particular, on the topics of publications on Instagram and Facebook.

For example, some products may not be popular in search engines, but they attract attention of bloggers, who motivate their subscribers to buy some product even if it's not the season for this product.

In this sense, Facebook is an ideal platform where you can promote different offers even out of season.

If your offer doesn't meet Facebook's requirements, run ads through dont.farm accounts. Along with the accounts we give you access to a detailed manual, which will tell you how to run ads correctly so that your ad account lasts longer. If your account gets blocked within 14 days of purchase through no fault of your own, we'll provide you with a new account free of charge.