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  1. eyecarezone

    Selling Facebook Reinstated accounts & Verified Facebook business manager best for Ads | High Spending | Good Quality | Instant Delivery

    Welcome to ECzone Best Store to Buy Bulk Aged Facebook Accounts & Business Managers ACCOUNT DESCRIPTION: Aged 3+ years old highly trusted by Facebook. 100 - 5000 real friends with real activities. 2 Factor Authentication Code for 100% secure login. Account provided with full information...
  2. gurerg

    Verified / Unverified Facebook Business Managers and Solid Facebook Accounts

    I’m providing you with some Facebook Ads solutions almost nobody else is providing. Verified Facebook Business Manager (USA) - Starts with daily spend $250, becomes unlimited after the first billing. Price: $250 Normal Business Managers with daily spend $50, increases as you spend. You can...
  3. F

    Restart after Banned from Facebook

    Dear All, Last year in Nov 2020, My facebook business is restricted permanently and tried to make an another new account but again closed. I want to know the strategy to start again with facebook and Instagram ads. I read so many blogs and post where mentioned we can't advertise if fb closed...
  4. F

    Facebook Restriction and Disabled

    If anyone facing same issue and have solution so kindly let me know????????????????? Facebook disabled my personal profile and restricted all add account which made with personal profile and review case is opened from 23 Oct, 2020 and today is 29 Nov, 2020 and still they are saying we are...
  5. dont.farm

    [Dont.Farm] Facebook Cloud Accounts | Credit Cards | All GEO's | From 99$+

    Trusted Facebook cloud accounts for your profitable advertising campaign. Special deal for affiliates who works with dropshipping. What are cloud accounts includes: All countries. You just pick that one that you need. Anti-detect Browser and Private Residential proxy. All settled up and...
  6. Omor Faruk

    Visitor statistics is deference between traffic report & facebook pixel

    Hi, I am in a confused about visitor statistics is showing difference between Facebook pixel & Alidropship Traffic report , I am marketing with facebook business plugin ,& Make add in facebook , But it is not make any effect on my website visitor . I attached two photo ,Please ask me about it...
  7. O

    Facebook Business

    Facebook Business not Generate Color option, on xml file