Change supplier option in woo plugin

Hello, I let our developers know about that, they will have a look and investigate that issue.
Hello Victoria. Thanks. I really would appreciate if you dive into the issues I / we have with some of the functionality of the woo plugin.

1. The way tracking works at this moment is not ussable for our customers. My customers are from 45-65 and do not understand your current workflow and my users do not want to be redirected to a chinese site. Please consider using the woocommerce tracking option built in woocommerce itself.

2. Products out of stock or products not available anymore should be 2 separate options where products out of stock do not have to be in pending and products not available anymore should be in pending mode.

3. Reviews imported should be in pending mode or give the users the option to publishe immediately or in pending because i need to review them myself and translate them properly before publishing. Now they are published immediately.

Thanks. Regards, Paul