Cart not working on Davinci theme

So, I am in final stages of launching my site and I am using Davinci theme. When I add any product to cart and then proceed to checkout, no product shows on cart / check out page. Then I checked same issue with Michelangelo theme, but on that theme it is working fine.

In addition to that, in both themes the checkout page title (in browser tab) shows "Page Not Found - My Site Name".

I need help to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Plugin Version:
Davinci Theme version: 0.7.5
Michelangelo Theme Version: 0.6.5
Browser: Google Chrome



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Hey, i launched mine yesterday with the Davinci theme. I have the same problem product NOT showing up. When i use Michelangelo theme it is working fine.
I also saw "Page Not Found" but here is what to do: go to "Customization". General tabs open and you'll see blue "Create" button. Click it, and refresh your cart page to see if it is solved. It helped me solve mine.

I am gonna use Michelangelo theme for a while because of this bug.

Update: Now the Michelangelo is also NOT showing it.

Such a waste of all the traffic that went to my website.. The funniest thing about is: i tested it before going social.. Nothing was wrong.. Now all of a sudden everything wrong... pff...
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I'm getting my site set up and I see posts like this with no reply from support. This doesn't instill confidence in me at all.
I contacted support, they fixed the bug on my website in less than 24hr ,and it was the weekend
That's great! I just think that for visibility they should be at least responding to threads like this when such issues arise. Would help to build confidence in the customers (source: I work in enterprise level software support)