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Does anyone use a Bing Ads for promoting their dropship store? Mostly I see FB + instagram ads, sometimes Google Adwords. But Bing should be cheaper than Google Ads. The main question how does it convert?
It doesn't matter. The ads will be shown on Bing. Actually, I have accounts in both systems, but our product is software. Prices per click are lower at Bing, but traffic is much lower too. Don't know about conversion though, sales can't be tracked due features of the payment process.

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The ads will be shown on Bing.
It's possible that people who use the stock Edge browser and use Bing may be pretty unimaginative and/or not net-savvy or experienced and therefore easily manipulated by advertising and consequently would buy heaps of stuff from your store.

These Edge browser/Bing drones may be a huge untapped customer base! Just joking, but who knows? It may be true. lol

but our product is software.
So you don't dropship from Aliexpress then. You should join Black Hat Forum (or any other e-marketing forum) and ask about this over there as well.

An what kind of software and who uses it would make a difference as to which would be better, Adwords or Microsoft Advertising. Serious/business type maybe Bing is OK. Fun, Game stuff ... maybe Adwords is better.
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I can't make fun of the Edge Browser anymore as Microsoft finally gave up trying to make a decent browser and copied Chrome. :) It's based on Chromium now.

(You can use the Alidropship Chrome extension with it too, actually any Chrome extensions)


The best thing Microsoft has done since it got rid of the Windows phone ... lol
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