Best way to manage 'shipped' and 'completed' statuses.

Hello guys,

I know there have been discussions about it, but the more I read, the more I get confused about the topic :)

So let me start:
When I sync all tracking numbers (and there are new numbers) the customer gets a notification about his shipped items, including the tracking numbers.

Then what should I do after this?
For me personally, the order is closed, so I'd like the status to change to completed.
Right now I have to set the status to 'completed' manually and the user gets another email. That's kinda odd to me.

I can deactivate the 'completed' email notification, but still have to change the status manually.

Is there a fast and efficient solution for this already that I might have missed? Or do you have other suggestions?


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For woocommerce you need another plugin:
WooCommerce Order Status Manager

It's annoying that so many features need additional plugins (some overpriced/expensive ones), but unfortunately, this is the only way.

PM me if you want this plugin