Arabic custom store

Hello, is it possible to make a custom store especially for Arabic speaking customers? I'm located in Egypt and want a custom store but it has to be in Arabic.I read the terms of service and all related articles in help center but nothing addresses a custom made, Arabic language store, except for a recent update. I know alidropship original plugin is the best but doesn't support arabic while woo does. Someone suggested I buy 2 stores but that's double the cost especially if you want to go with the ultimate store.

is it possible to have a Skype call with a representative to explain to me how can this be done, of at all? Thanks
Also, I would like to ask for your opinion on my selected niche: B2B Software products, automation software, security software, opensource software, etc...basically, every software product that I can sell B2B in Egypt and MENA
I beg to differ, aminech.
You see It's a numbers game. There are 100m Egyptians and almost a billion Arabs in the region many of which have internet access and credit cards. All I need is a specialized niche with a range of products, a decent website for SEO and ranking purposes, only 15-25% markup, reasonable ad campaigns, good customer service, et voila.
Has anybody heard of wp easycart? How does it compare to Alidropship plugin/custom store?