Alishipping add-on ver. 2.0


Hello! Please go to Alidropship Woo -> Login Aliexpress to authorize the API

I authorised the API, downloaded the updated AliShipping plugin.

I noticed the plugin is no longer stripping my old AliShipping shipping methods away, nor are my product descriptions being stripped in my product edit mode, which I am grateful for. Was this an intentional fix?

However, all the data / metadata from my SEO plugin, which is visible in my products' edit mode is still being stripped away (keywords, descriptions etc.).

Why is this and can you fix it?

As a result of the continual problems, I still haven't been able to check and see if I can download shipping methods on new products.
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@MaCaM2 @ForumUser @Cesar Araujo @kdb

Hello! Now Alishipping loads shippings automatically on the checkout page for products after a client selects country and its region/state. You can’t preload shippings in bulk for all of your products. Now alishipping add-on updates all shipping methods automatically. So that’s why all your previous shippings are gone. It doesn’t mean, that every time alishipping updates shipping methods the previous shipping methods will be deleted. It happens just for the first and only time after you updated your anlishipping add-on to 2.0 version. Each time new shipping methods appear on the checkout page they appear in alishipping settings too where you can see and edit them. You can check it - just add any of your products to the cart and go to checkout page. Also you can load shippings for a certain product in its settings.

Please, be sure you updated you products and your Alidropship Woo plugin to ver. 1.6.65 or Alidropship Plugin to ver. and authorized to the API. How to authorize to the API see here for original plugin and here for woo. (The authorization prosess looks weird now, but we fixed this thing and will release a new authorization next week)

The problem with product’s description will be fixed as soon as possible. with product’s description will be fixed as soon as possible.
Hi, after i've installed the new versions of Alidropship plugin and Alishipping to Alidropship Woo ver. 1.6.67 and Alishipping ver. 2.0.1, everything works fine for about some times & i managed to import abt 30 items complete with images & shipping options but soon after the products import were missing the Product image & Product Gallery images while the product images in the Product Descriptions were fine. May i know what could have been the problems? thx


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Hello! Yes, we fixed this.

@ForumUser @MaCaM2
We will check the issues and fix them.
Hi the image import issues seems to have been fixed, but now i'm facing a problem with the imported pricings.
I have sets all the products pricings to * which i understand is {x = times} sign. but when the product is imported all the prices becomes lower than what is sold on Aliexpress.. What could possibly be the problems? please advice. Thx


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