Aliexpress problem, Oh no! The Internet is not working.

i have been facing this problem while placing my order on aliexpress for last two days and their help never replies. My internet is definitely working. Has anyone encountered this problem on aliexpress before ? is there any solution? someone in a public forum somewhere suggested to change browser, i am using chrome browser, i tried other browsers as well like opera, epic, chromium... nothing worked. Image 2.jpg
i got no solution my internet works fine. however the problem disappeared. there are so many other problem in placing the order, "place order automatically" almost always fails to fill the address , it is rarely able to get pass the country dropdown menu.
I'm sure you have figured this out since it's been a while now. This only happened to me this morning and I realised the solution has nothing to do with the country. Simply clear cookies and the problem will no longer occur.
Also, for anyone sending to England but northern ireland, I learned that a simple space in the correct place of the zip code will solve the address stuck problem. I hope no one else will be stuck like me trying to figure this out!