AliDropship WOO ver. 1.3.5 - UPDATE

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When is the CPU problem gonna be solved?
They've literally just stopped answering those question all together at this point. We don't even get a "developing team is working on the issue" lol. I have heard the original plugin doesn't have that problem, but the downside is the themes suck. They are very plain, have very little control on customization compared to something like 'Flatsome' or other woo themes and personally I just feel poorly designed. I mean how are you going to throw 'e-verify', 'mcafee' and 'norton' badges on these themes without actually utilizing these services. They have literally designed themes to lie to customers completely about the security of the site lol. Not to mention a couple of those badges should be floating and scroll the page with the user.


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@Mrbb922 yeah, i am using Flatsome, however, i have several problems with the Alidropship plugin. First of all the currency converter doesn't work properly. I've reached out to the Alidropship team and got the following message.

"The geolocation feature is provided by the 3rd party service we integrate with the plugin. Thus, unfortunately, we are not able to provide a fast solution for the issue with the location not detected correctly."

Not so nice if you are running Facebook ads traffic to your website, regarding the security badges i think almost everyone in the dropshipping business is lying about this Mcafee security.
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When is the CPU problem gonna be solved?
I will pass your question to WooCommerce.

Speaking seriously, if you noticed, we did not make any major changes in the plugin recently and if you search, you will find many complaints about slowing down the product pages after updating WooCommerce to 3.5+

Since we can't fix WooCommerce, we are searching now for solutions and things that can be done from our side. It is a complicated and not a quick process.

When you have products with plenty of variations and trying to update them, it takes time for WooCommerce to send and save all the data in all databases. We will try to set bigger delays between updating products to give Woocommerce necessary time to process the products. May be it will help.

btw, have anyone ever tried to create a product with 50+ variations on WooCommerce? If you try you will get such a message from WooCommerce:

Edit product ‹ Jamboree Store — WordPress 2019-01-14 12-32-08.png

Max 50 per run... It means that if you have a product with, let's say 70 variations (and you know such items exist on AliExpress) your product page can easily come to 500 error every time you open it (even if you have a reliable hosting provider and a top hosting plan). WooCommerce sets limits for itself and of course such limitation will affect product importing and updating processes.
@Yaro I have imported products that created over 200 variation without a hiccup on woocommerce? For example, an iPhone case that fits iPhones 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 7s, 8, 8s, 9, 9s, X, Xs, Xs Max, XR and also has 15 colors ( 15 colors * 15 phone models = 225 variations add).

Well I shouldn't say "without" a hiccup. I had to set the status 'allow theme to handle attributes' in the 'Nice Attributes' section because something was unable to handle it. Also its a complete nightmare not to be able to 'Split by variation' like you can in the original plugin and have to go through and duplicate, then delete every variation + attribute you don't want (a lot of cell phone cases are completely unrelated to each other, ex: sellers will mix mickey mouse with floral).

And for some reason the plugin like ignores the .CSV importer for woocommerce. I've exported all variations gone through an entire .CSV full of of every product and its variation marking each of the ones I don't want from 'published' to 'trash' and for some reason they are not only still there, but still enabled. Also I have tried deleting all variations (inside woo block on product page) and then recreating the variations with the modified attributes (just the colors or phone models I want) and then the product won't update (even though the seller, URL, and everything is still there).

I have also already submitted a suggestion to woocommerce to give up check boxes for deleting variations instead of singly or all of them (being the only 2 choices atm). But who knows if that will ever get considered. So I also submit a suggestion to allow us to re-import same product from alidropship plugin without deleting the previous post (so we remove and modify variations before getting to woo), have not gotten a response back from that either. Might not even be possible but hey, gotta try because it can take over an hour to delete 200 variations to keep the 5-15 you actually want for that duplicate post.


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The structure of WooCommerce databases and the way it stores data is different from the one we use for AliDropship original plugin +WordPress. That's the reason why we are not able to present all the features of the original AliDropship plugin at AliDropship Woo.

I do agree with you that 'check boxes for deleting variations' could be a good feature for WooCommerce, but many people used to work with WooCommerce as it is and will not like if we start making such changes. So, generally speaking, AliDropship Woo plugin is an AliExpress importer + order automation tool. It is not an e-commerce platform and it should not change the existent WooCommerce system.

All variants and attributes must be imported with the plugin to have a possibility to be connected to AliExpress for sync purposes. Removing attributes and re-creation will break the connections (even though the seller, URL, and everything is still there).
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