AliDropship Woo plugin ver. - UPDATE

Just an observation ...
This update auto installed itself. When we logged into wp admin, and did a routine plugin check, we noticed that our AliWoo plugin had already updated itself from to on 'Activate' state without any intervention on our part. Is this normal?


It was on 'Activate' state supposedly due to WP function of having to manually click to 'activate' plugin after it is installed. So having installed itself, it remained un-activated - which would be an issue since all other ADS add-ons depend on AliWoo being activated. If admin had been on snooze for a couple of days, all the add-ons would have been disabled on the site! Umm ...

Anyone else noticed this?
Or is it some malware (extreme paranoia here) lurking somewhere quietly and randomly installing and deactivating plugins ... targeting ADS??

OR does this update simply require deactivation and re-activation of all ADS plugins in order for the update to work across the ADS platform?
* just noticed that the add-ons were deactivated too!!
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