AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

Victoria Kudryashova

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Main features:

  • Order payment status added in client’s account
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  • Product Analysis tab fixed in the integrated product database


  • alids_first_ion ver PHP
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  • alids_first_ion ver PHP
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Dear Madam,

I suggest you to keep only items which are successfully paid in order section and other (abandoned, failed payment etc.,) in a different tab so it looks cleaner.



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Hi I have updated my aliplugin and my theme, but my product page main image is not appearing now.
I am on
PHP is 7.3.20

WP 5.4.2
DavinciVersion: 1.4.0
Bootstrap 3.3.4

May I know what is the problem?

Should I downgrade back the theme or aliplugin and how should I do it?



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I have noticed 2 problems

This is happening to all browsers in PC and Mobile (Firefox , Edge, Chrome)
When click on Products items inside the admin it keeps loading forever.

Today I have updated Alidrop plugin to 1.8.10 but still same problem.Disabled all other plugins except ali still same problem.


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Maybe is the theme issue. Add to cart buttom also not working with these versions.
Can I downgrade DavinciVersion: 1.4.0 to previous version? Is this possible?


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Hello, please send me your wp-admin access

Finally I have restored my theme and plugins from backup to previous version and now all is working.
I believe either the theme or the aliplugin 1.8 is causing below problems.

Hope there will a fix later.

DavinciVersion: 1.4.0 vs Alidrop plugin to 1.8.10 = Conflict.

Cart Button Stopped Working
Product pictures not displaying.


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after editing the photo it disappears so needs to add again from the media library.

Vlad Zholnerchuk

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Same here,
ATC nog working at all. (Version ) + El GrecoVersion: 1.3.4

I have checked on my site with the same theme and plugin versions and the 'add to cart' button works well. The issue is likely to be caused by a conflict with another WordPress plugin.

To identify which plugin is causing the issue, please deactivate all your plugins except Alidropship:

a. If the issue disappears, reactivate the plugins one by one to determine which one is causing the issue.

b. If you deactivate all the plugins and the issue persists, please let me know.

If you are using Alidropship Woo, please deactivate all the plugins apart from Alidropship Woo and WooCommerce.

Will be waiting for your reply.


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please tell me how to insert image or video i clicked on icon you told it asks for http:// address of image . I find this highly ridiculous or i am not able to understand . i have made a video and i have screen shot too can you pls give your mail id.. there are many many problems of conflict between alidropship shipping and alishipping addon..i am amazed how you dont know abt such easily seen problems ..One of your develpers has already accepted it ..i request you to resolve them..for every small problem i have to waste days to tell and finally acceptance of problem comes... when you all know abt the glitches pls resolve them ..its very simple ...when i add custom products and aliexpress products also and activate alidropship shipping options and alishipping addon shipping options too the problem is so grave that i have put my website under maintenance msg

Dimitriy Strekalov

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We have already checked AliShipping add-on performance on your website together and it is correct.

In case you have still any issues with AliShipping add-on, please, describe this issue clearly and in details, so we can help you to investigate it.

In case you consider, that any Product on your website is missing Shipping Options, please, provide a link to that affected Product and your WP-admin access details as well.