AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

Dear Madam,

I suggest you to keep only items which are successfully paid in order section and other (abandoned, failed payment etc.,) in a different tab so it looks cleaner.

Hi I have updated my aliplugin and my theme, but my product page main image is not appearing now.
I am on
PHP is 7.3.20

WP 5.4.2
DavinciVersion: 1.4.0
Bootstrap 3.3.4

May I know what is the problem?

Should I downgrade back the theme or aliplugin and how should I do it?

I have noticed 2 problems

This is happening to all browsers in PC and Mobile (Firefox , Edge, Chrome)
When click on Products items inside the admin it keeps loading forever.

Today I have updated Alidrop plugin to 1.8.10 but still same problem.Disabled all other plugins except ali still same problem.
Maybe is the theme issue. Add to cart buttom also not working with these versions.
Can I downgrade DavinciVersion: 1.4.0 to previous version? Is this possible?
Hello, please send me your wp-admin access
Finally I have restored my theme and plugins from backup to previous version and now all is working.
I believe either the theme or the aliplugin 1.8 is causing below problems.

Hope there will a fix later.

DavinciVersion: 1.4.0 vs Alidrop plugin to 1.8.10 = Conflict.

Cart Button Stopped Working
Product pictures not displaying.