1. J

    Site Hierarchy, URLs, Parent Pages

    Hi All, I'm putting together my droshipping site and its occurred to me that there doesn't seem to be a hierarchy between pages, product category pages, and product pages. This would be quite SEO unfriendly. Rather than website.com/product-category leading to...
  2. Slaaavi

    help: How to create a custom “Add to Cart” URL

    Hi, I want to make different landing pages for the same product, so I can split test which one is going to work best. But I'm having troubles to put "Add to Cart" button linked to specific product on my landing page. I'm with ALIDROPSHIP PLUGIN (not WOO). So I just want to code by-myself the...
  3. SuperAgora

    Show category in URL with item.

    Hi everyone. is there a setting in WordPress or our plugin in order to show the category along with the product in the URL? Example : www.domain.com/watches/womens-gold-square-1.html OR www.domain.com/category/subcategory/item-description.html Thanks in advance for your time