tracking number

  1. weblea

    Tracking information is showing customers that the parcel is from Aliexpress.

    Hi there all, I am new here and still building my website with the Dali theme and the Alidropship plugin. I was checking my tracking page to see if it works by adding tracking information from Aliexpress. To my honest surprise, it showed my tracking information and also showed the parcel is...
  2. Y

    Automated email with tracking id for order with multiple item

    Hi, I have question, when I received order with multiple items from different supplier when I change the status to order shipped, will my customer get email notification with all the tracking number? or I need to send them email manually? Thank you
  3. V

    Export data

    Hello, I would like to export orders with tracking ID information. It seems to ba available in Alidropship but not available for the woocommerce version. Could you please help on this matter? Thank you in advance. Valentin
  4. mduncanvm

    Not fetching infos for customer order from aliexpress

    I have just noticed this the last couple of days: 1) Placing the order automatically it does not fetch the Order number 2) Even with the order number manually added it does not fetch the tracking number. All of this used to work perfectly before. Let me know if I can provide more info or if...
  5. N

    Adding Tracking Code to Custom Email template

    Hello, I use alidropshp WOO version, I have the following 2 questions: 1. After tracking no. is available in aliexpress oder, I have to manually put the order id in my woocommerce order details page and then press "Get Tracking" to get the tracking number, Dont u think it wud be much better if...
  6. C

    Completed Email Notification Automatically Sent?

    Hello Alidropship WOO devs: I'm a little confused, I have several orders (20) on my store, all of them were placed using the "Place Order Automatically", everything worked fine. The weird ocurred after 2 days, 1 of those order generates a note automatically with this text "Completed Email...
  7. anonymous1971

    Chinese Tracking number & Tracking number when package arrives in country of delivery

    Is it possible to inform customers only when the trackingcode from my country is available? I do not want customers see the Chinese trackingcode. Also still no updated documentation how the tracking flow is.
  8. Benoit

    Shipping Tracking Number & Mandrill | How to add it automatically?

    Hi Everyone, Need your help regarding Shipping orders from WooCommerce using Alidropship Woo. I am currently using Mandrill (with MailChimp transactional email Template). How can I have the shipping tracking code automatically added to the "shipping order" email? Thanks in advance for your...
  9. Moussdog

    Tracking Number/ Order Number don't update

    Hello, Since a week now , when I place an order automatically the plugin don't get the Aliexpress order number automatically. So I have to fill it manually... I updated the plugin and themes... Can somebody help me ? Thank you
  10. anonymous1971

    Track orders

    The current tracking orders solution is simply put "amateuristic". Would you consider finding a better way for customers to track their orders?
  11. anonymous1971

    Order Tracking in Woocommerce

    Wow. Great update with the order tracking system.......but......why are people redirected to a asian website?
  12. anonymous1971

    Woocommerce ali drop ship plugin tracking option

    We sell products and we really need the tracking option available for customers to track their orders because they are complaining. When is is available?
  13. Julius Suralta

    Is Sending Tracking Number of the customer Order automatic or Not?

    Hi, I am wondering as i am new to this and i have few orders of my site. When the customer order, they order a lot or just one. But this order is not yet place to the aliexpress store, we need to do it manually. Now, once the aliexpress store delivers an order, they provide tracking number -...