stock management

  1. Bmuzammil

    Settings > Updates > Update Now - Stuck (In progress)

    AliDropship WOO Current Version: 1.6.32 I also downloaded and uploaded the most recent plugin update and I am still seeing this issue: So auto update is activated and I saw some products out of stock and when I visited the AliExpress product page it was not out of stock so I manually updated...
  2. J

    Product variation goes "In stock" when it is supposed to be "Out of stock"

    Hi, I've a problem with variables products : When I add a variable product to my shop, sometimes I don't want to sell all the variations from the Aliexpress product page. So usually, I delete the variations that I don't need via the "Variations" tab. But right now, when I delete a variation...
  3. farhad7970

    Stock Status on the SHOP PAGE / CATALOGUE - Davinci Theme

    Hi everyone There is something i can't seem to find a setting for or use a plugin to function, everytime that alidropship updates the products, some of them are out of stock. Over time it causes a lot of out of stock products on the website. Wich, the user can't see it is out of stock until they...