social rabbit plugin

  1. A

    SocialRabbit Assistant?!?!?

    Hi, what this mean?
  2. A

    Instagram Grabber?!?

    Hi, Instagram Grabber can get videos? I try to get from user but show this error: Not found popular posts And this account have popular videos @Yaros @Elena @Victoria Kudryashova
  3. H

    Social Rabbit Facebook poster does not show product pictures in the post, please help:)

    Hello, Just bought Social Rabbit ad-on and trying to set up Facebook poster but my product pictures are not showing in the posts. Can anyone help me, the settings and the posts look like this:
  4. A

    Multiple stores, Multiple sites for sales - includes alidropship + socialrabbit licenses - start from $80

    New sites, No sales yet. Includes domain name+hosting = ($80) without social rabbit serial key = ($100) with lifetime social rabbit serial key = ($100) with lifetime social rabbit serial key = ($100) with lifetime social...
  5. Borisros

    Social Rabbit New Update

    I have a problem setting up Social Rabbit with the new update. In Facebook setings, I get this log: (#200) Permissions error, Unsupported get request. Object with ID '126298341392052' does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read...
  6. S

    Cannot Activate Social Rabbit

    Hi guys, So I have been trying to install Social Rabbit on an AliDropship Plugin site on which I used the PHP 7.1 ionCubeEncoder and I get a Fatal Error. Has anyone else run into this problem and if so how do you solve it please? Cheers
  7. zahir

    Social rabbit plugin Did you ever make a mistake? Ajax/Settings

    set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons, called in /Ajax/Settings.php on line 0
  8. Borisros

    Lifetime License Social Rabbit transfer on new Website

    Hi, I have changed my domain and transferred Wordpress site to new hosting, and I have a problem activating Social Rabbit license after I delete Social rabbit plugin on first domain. And one more thing I've tried to update the plugin with my license, and it says that there is no such license...
  9. A

    This function is for?

    I can anyone tell what this for:
  10. P

    Social Rabbit wont let me in after providing licence key

    Hi there After uploading the plugin and pasting the licence, it stucks and wont let me into the dashboard. There i stuck: This is consoles output:
  11. S

    Social Rabbit Licence

    Hi, my social rabbit is asking me for my licence which i wasn't given because it was installed by you guys when you built my website from the premium package. Can you help please? Also, if i delete the old social rabbit and install the new one that supports php7, will i still have all my...
  12. M

    Social Rabbit version for PHP 7.1+ with ioncube like Alidropship

    Hi, I bought yesterday with Alidropship Social Rabbit too, but I can only download version for PHP 5.6. My WP works with PHP 7.1 and Alidropship and other plugins like: Abandoned Cart, Customers Gallery, Countdown Timer, Facebook Business and Recent Sales Pop-Up works too with PHP 7.1. Where...
  13. A

    Error in plugin version 7.1

    hi i trying to install the version 7.1 in my wp website. 1-Finally i install version 7.1 and we work but see move futures is missing like select track service. 2- i have to deactivate all add-ons 3 - active add-on abandoned cart version 7.1 and show this: 4- i try to...
  14. N

    I can't set up the twitter in the new social rabbit plugin

    Hi everyone i upgraded the social rabbit plugin and when i want to set up the twitter poster i received the following message "Desktop applications only support the oauth_callback value 'oob'/oauth/request_token" and i don't know how to fix it. please i need help and thank you
  15. mushrukh

    Social Rabbit URL problem

    Social Rabbit some how short the link of other website and post that link with our product image in the caption which after clicking takes the customer to other website from where it has been taken
  16. Max B

    Is there a way to Turn OFF comments for instagram promotion?

    Hi as the title says I'd like to turn off the commenting on the instagram promotion bot. How can I achieve that? Thanks
  17. M

    Social Rabbit - Twitter Stop Posting

    Hi, Have been using Social Rabbit plugin for posting to 4 social accounts. Suddenly, found that Social Rabbit plugin only stop posting to twitter account. Anyone face with this issue? Please help.
  18. Shays

    Socialrabbit - instagram / proxy

    Did anyone try posting on Instagram on different accounts from the same server? That is why we have the proxy settings to input, but the support told me it's fine to use the same server for multiple accounts ^_^ Which doesn't seem right to me... You can easily get banned if caught How do you...
  19. Ryan

    Social Rabbit Plugin

    Hope someone could explain me one thing. When I post images to Instagram by myself I reach around 60-100 post likes but when images are posted with Social Rabbit I only got max 10-15 likes. And I use same texts and hashtags. Tried with different pictures and posting times.