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  • What is included in the sale?
    Can you give me read access to Google Analytics?
    Can I have a limited access staff account in the shop?
    Hello, Can you please give me some info about 2 business for me? 1 / theyogasquad. 2 / Funkopop
    How much time do you spend each week on the business?/What skills do I need to run the business?/Can you tell me more about the business model?/What type of marketing do you do to attract customers?/What can I do to improve the business?/What are your profit margins?
    Do you offer assistance after the sale?What is includ
    Hello Ngo, with this business model you can only spent 4 hours per day or less, it depends on you, there's no skills needed, I will provide you all documents to improve and help you manage your new sites, also I will provide you lifetime personal support.
    More details or interesting to buy my stores you can check it on flippa https://flippa.com/9717272-funkopop-us. choose and bid for any of the stores you want.
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