1. Lexandra

    Sendinblue spam and follow-up emails

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with my email notifications. The email that is sent when the order is confirmed goes to the spam folder. Whereas the email that is sent when the order is shipped ends up in the regular mailbox. How can i solve this issue and make sure every email ends up in the...
  2. A

    Unable To Verify DNS Configuration From SendinBlue

    Hi, I need help here. I tried to add new TXT record in my DNS settings. All went well except for one. Set TXT (DKIM) record for "" I did the same thing just like the other 2 but it didn't get the status Configured like the other 2. I need to know what can I do...
  3. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    The begining

    I am a total beginner, I just bought a complete ready to use website from Alidropship 1. How do I know if e Payments connect to my Domain and I will get payment in the future? 2. Where can I change the price formula if I want to change it? 3. what is the steps I should do if someone place an...
  4. Shays

    Adding new customers to mailing list?

    Hey, this is in between a technical issue and a suggestion, but what are the options to add a new customer to an existing mailing list (sendinblue)? I know this feature doesn't come right out the box, but is there a hooks list we could use to put some of our own code into it? Cheers!