price formula

  1. delaga

    Formula Markup Pricing

    Please review my suggestion, this is good for all Alidropship users. not all products are free shipping. I import a lot of products that have shipping costs. for Alidropship develop the making of Price Formula. (Price * Markup) + Shipping Fee - Price = Aliexpress base price - Markup = the...
  2. A

    Pricing Formula

    Hello, as I'm new to all dropshipping both website and plugin I would like to hear from you. As for the pricing formula of the Alidropship plugin how do you handle it? I'm asking because the final price should be: seller price + shipping costs + payment gateways fees + profit margin This...
  3. S

    Pricing Formula Should Include Epacket Shipping Cost

    Im sure a lot of people have this, issue price formula is good but it should include epacking shipping cost. I have product which cost 20usd and shipping epacket cost about the same of 20usd. It messes with the formula and potently you can lose money. If Alidropship woo has this feature it would...
  4. grmartina

    Product prices have gone missing

    Hi All, I'm having a major issue with all my prices not showing correctly. The regular price is shown but the sales price has gone missing. I tried to reset all my prices but the problem persists even when I reset and add the recommended price mark up. Can you please tell me if this is a...
  5. anonymous1971

    Pricing Formula with "cost =" does not change prices.

    Hello, i changed my formulas instead of "*" to "=". i.e. $5 < cost < $9.99 cost = 29.95 does not changes the prices to i.e. 29.95. Have reset all the prices and updated several times and spent some hours to find a fix but my prices with "=" does not seem to work. When set to "*" it...
  6. T

    Best price formula

    Can you guys post a good formula to sell better cause i have the recomended but its seems product goes expensive and i get more that 3,000 visit daily but get tons of abandon cart i was curios what formula you guys are using thanks
  7. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    The begining

    I am a total beginner, I just bought a complete ready to use website from Alidropship 1. How do I know if e Payments connect to my Domain and I will get payment in the future? 2. Where can I change the price formula if I want to change it? 3. what is the steps I should do if someone place an...