landing page

  1. N

    Precio de landing page

    I recently started to buy the landing page plugin and I was surprised that the cost of the plugin is 27 USD per month, can you confirm if the payment is monthly or is a one-time payment? If this is the case, I think that the value of the company is beginning to be lost since I think that many of...
  2. D

    Images won't go vertically in Product Description in Davinci Theme

    Hi there, I'm trying to format my product descriptions in order to optimize them for conversions and better fit my main photos for Google Shopping ads. The formatting doesn't seem to transfer out of box, and after trying to add bootstrap to the page is still isn't working. Is there any way to...
  3. V

    Integration of sales funnels in AliDropship

    Hi all, I have been checking again, which alternatives to Oberlo are out there in the iSpace, however, the one and only good one is AliDropship. Nothing more to say about that. Considering that eCom stores with Wordpress and WooCommerce or Wordpress and AliDropship are an accountable and...
  4. L

    Product Landing Page/Funnel Creation

    I will create landing pages for your Wordpress powered eCom Store. The landing pages will be created with the following premium WordPress plugins Profit Builder Social Locker Thrive leads The landing pages will have features in the video below: Courtesy: Kingpin PM me your questions and...
  5. Slaaavi

    help: How to create a custom “Add to Cart” URL

    Hi, I want to make different landing pages for the same product, so I can split test which one is going to work best. But I'm having troubles to put "Add to Cart" button linked to specific product on my landing page. I'm with ALIDROPSHIP PLUGIN (not WOO). So I just want to code by-myself the...