facebook ads

  1. elfrost

    [Group Buy] Adsector Annual CLOSED

    GB Name : Adsector Annual Version : Last OS : Anything Type : FB Ads Spy & Analytics GB Price : $3000/y GB Cost : $50 GB Status : Delivered Homepage : SalePage The Most Advanced Advertising Analytics Tool On The Market Take the guesswork out of designing ads that grab attention. Use what’s...
  2. C


    Hello everyone, I heard from many groups that facebook ads a big problem about conversions and all of other things I mean you cant use efficiently facebook ads and your money canbe wasted. The problem is still going I guess. What do you know about that? I paid 40 $ for different ads and really...
  3. B

    Bohemian Fashion Store with Revenue Tracking for Google Analytics, Facebook Ads & Adwords!

    Hello all, I'm selling my ecommerce store BohoModa.com I haven't invested much time into marketing it but I've done something even AliDropship haven't managed to do... I've found a developer who's managed to implement enhanced eCommerce analytics for Google Analytics, Facebook, Adwords, etc...
  4. DormStore

    Problems installing Facebook Pixel

    I followed the instructions located in the article located here, however I'm receiving numerous error's via the Chrome Facebook Pixel Helper plugin. See attached images. The first attached image (with a red AddToCart error) shows the errors I'm seeing on individual product pages. The second...
  5. G

    Product Videos - FB Ads - Copy writing issue - need help.

    Hello Guys, Kindly apologies, if the question is already solved. How to use product videos in FB ads without getting any copy wright issue from Facebook ? Thanks in advance.
  6. G

    FB edited ads - Pending review long time - any advice ?

    Hello Friends, New ads getting approved in minutes, but edited ads getting more than 24 hours to get approve. Any advice to overcome this ? @kingpin Your help is much appreciated here friend.
  7. M

    How to be successful with Facebook ADs

    Hi, I have been trying FB Ads to my shopify store [I want to try Alidropship] but before that I want to make sure I am doing my FB Ads properly. I have been trying since February 2017 and almost spent nearly $200 on FB ads but no sales at all, I want to learn the exact way to get a good and...
  8. Gelot

    Anyone having problems with Facebook Ads being active but not running or delivering?

    Anyone knows any troubleshooting steps for this?
  9. S

    Facebook / instagram ads

    Anyone / Admin, can show example the best setting campaign on fb/ig ads? so we can obtain the cheapest cost. thx.