1. G

    Editing Capabilities

    I am an experienced WooCommerce user, and I just purchased this plugin last week. As I am navigating through the ins and outs of how this plugin works I wanted to CONFIRM that I'm understanding the details of what kind of editing capabilities are available to me. From everything I've found in...
  2. Freestyler86

    Unique Image Editing Feature Of AliDropship Plugin

    Hello, Congratulations on this awesome function! The function works very well when editing product before import it into my website! But I can't see the "edit" icon when I try to edit product directly from my website! I can't see the icon in the red circle! Can you help me with this issue?
  3. M

    How I can edit colours in DaVinci theme?

    Hello dears! I want to personalize themes for my needs but I can't find how to edit tabs colors in product page (see print screen for details). Also, I want to edit color for discount badge (see print for details) Anyone know how to edit it? If my brand colors are black with red - don't look...