1. Sadoun

    Display on Mobile devices not clear and slow loading

    Hi.... We've just finished implementing a transition into a DaVinci 2.0 for Woo theme. Issue #1 The display of the website on a PC or Laptop is great. However on an Android mobile smartphone the preview is looking like this: Android: Same page on iPhone: Issue #2- On both mobile (Android...
  2. J

    view for remaining stocks

    hello, for products not imported in aliexpress, would alidropship still display the items remaining? I manually placed a value in general/inventory settings under product options and from what i can see, the number of items is not displayed in the product page may it be more than 15 or less...
  3. ngocduc

    How to change number of products display in catalog page?

    Hello, I'm new here. Default theme Davinci display 10 products per page on catalog products page. I want to change it to 12, 16 or any other value. Please help me how to do it. Thanks!
  4. Dave

    "Total Price:..." Not showing

    Hi Guys, Since The last today's update, I don't see no more the "total price" on the right of a product page, take a look at these images to get a clear Idea. This is on the desktop version of the site. Is anyone else facing this problem ? Is there any solution ? @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova...