currency switcher

  1. R

    Currency switcher issue

    Hi all, Tried to search throughout the forum but i cant seems to find an answer to it. Can anyone advise me why does my currency jumps back to default(USD) whenever i refresh the page despite setting it to my preferred currency? FYI: i have tick the cache plugin. Thanks in advance.
  2. ruvi

    Currency Switcher for Woocommerce Flatsome Theme CSS [ Alidropship currency switcher ]

    I am using flatsome theme for Woocommerce, so I was struggling with CSS, my alidropship currency switcher. so however I finally re-customized the currency switcher style with helping of this forum ... this is how I made it with simple CSS... so this might be helpful to someone ... Change colors...
  3. daniel-97

    Currency Based On Location - Is It Really Good?

    Many people switch on this option, I don't. When I go to a shop and see my own currency, I feel weird... I want to get your opinions on this one :) Thanks
  4. elhachlafi

    Alidropship Woo - Currency switcher not working at checkout

    Hello all, I thank you for helping me if there is a solution for currency switcher, it works normally at the site, but at the time of checkout it works with the main currency. thanks
  5. R

    Currency Switch problem - Gets back to default on Checkout page

    I have seen few more posts and customer complaints about this issue and I think that's a big flaw not having a robust implementation of Currency Switch throughout the websites. Again the problem: Enabling the Currency Switch feature helps us to have multiple currency choices for users based...
  6. Darcy

    Rounding not working

    Hi all, Brand new AliWoo plugin and shopper theme, rounding to nearest $ or to assigned cents is not working. I click save changes and shows message, "Rounding setting have been saved!" but the it reverts to "Round the prices up/down to the nearest integer" as OFF and "Example 99" in the Assign...
  7. Z

    How make the currency switcher (AlidropshipWoo) appear EXACTLY like the one on Davinci theme

    Hi, I have a very simple question, is there a way to have the currency switcher on the top bar (I use the Flatsome theme) appear EXACTLY like the one on your Davinci theme? I know that there is a widget but It's too big as it is I prefer the wonderful currency switcher drop-down on your...
  8. S

    Currency programmatically change

    Hi, we would want to change the currency via code, using a function call or similar. Simply we want to do that the switcher does without redirects, in the first visit. Thanks!
  9. Mar

    Currency Switcher with Caching Plugin

    It is hard to change currency in Ali woo currency switcher with a caching plugin active. I tried dynamic caching, even Woocommerce Cache Handler, it worked but they significantly slow down the loading of the site. I have asked the support of a caching plugin how to exclude the currency switcher...
  10. ahmadtalal0786

    Currency Switcher is an awesome addition but...

    Hello, The currency switcher widget is an awesome addition and personally I am very thankful for that. Thank you so much. But I have one little tiny winy problem with it. It works fine at desktop sites but it doesnt work at all at mobile sites. When i tap on different currency at mobile site...