1. D

    Mandatory extra fields

    Hello everyone, thank you very much in advance, I need help with 2 extra fields required by the AliDropship plugin for WooCommerce, they are the "Recipient's CPF number" and "Neighborhood" fields in "checkout"; 1st) I need these fields to be saved together with the address registration in sim...
  2. daniel-97

    "You Save" Section Error - Checkout

    On checkout page there is a section called "You Save" which is calculating the wrong price Example (with pictures): This product is $45.95 ➡ $29.95 At checkout, it should be: "You Save: $16" (or-$16) but it just adds random numbers This is happening to all of my products, please check your...
  3. A

    elGreco - is it theme or add-ons ?

    Hi I was checking demo for ElGreco here: and got following checkout page (see attached), features I like: 1 It's one page checkout 2 Count down Timer at top (Due to extremely high demand your cart is reserved...) 3 "The Safe, Fun, Fast Way to Buy Your Favorite...
  4. D

    Alishipping Not Working on Checkout

    Hi, I noticed when a customer clicks on the checkout it only shows the product price plus discounts but it doesn’t take the shipping amount, it appears on zero although I select a shipping method
  5. B

    Missing checkout page

    Hi, When I go to the shopping cart, it shows just this. This happened a few days ago it worked fine before that. Does anybody have suggestions for how to fix this?
  6. E

    Checkout Page

    Hello, how can i get like this checkout theme page to my woocomerce checkout page?
  7. tobyhughes18

    Is there a feature that helps with upselling?

    Just wondering if there is a feature that does the following. So say a customer buys a product when they get to the add to cart process, there should be an offer that gives the customer the extra quantities for discounted prices. The image below will help explain a lot easier.
  8. D

    Create interactive credit card form for new checkout page

    my suggestion is to have interactive credit card form see attached image.
  9. Bamise

    How to Remove "Company Name" on the Filled Form ?

    Please does anyone know how to remove the "Company" Info on the form when checking out? Please if you have solved your own, or you know please can you help?
  10. J

    Price difference between alidropship checkout and the one displayed on paypal page

    Hi, anyone can explain and advise why there is a price difference for a sample product in alidropship - checkout (example is $10.95) versus the price shown on paypal payment page (example is $9.95). There is a decrease in price from alidropship to paypal. please help.
  11. Buddy & Bella

    Is it possible to create a multi-step checkout

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to create a multi-step checkout in one of the Alidropship themes? So for example: Step 1 - costumer infomation > Step 2 - Shipping options > Step 3 - payment option. So if the customer leaves at the shipping option, I will have their details so i...
  12. AryanShirani

    Payment Methods

    Hi, i would like to add a payment method to my store, i already have paypal but seems complicated for who don't have any paypal account and would like to pay with credit or debit cart, i know that even with paypal is possible to do so, but looks that for somebody is complicated to understand...
  13. Lincoln Gadea

    strange characters at checkout

    How can I prevent this from happening?
  14. R

    Exclusive checkout option Credit Card direct

    Hi everyone. I would like to know the reason for the direct checkout to be exclusively for the Internal Group only. Like in KittenRules, in Worldofharry the checkout is differentiated, without redirection, it certainly increases the conversions. I am 1 month trying with the support to know how...
  15. Real Residual

    Adding Processing Animation To "Proceed To Pay" button

    I noticed that when you click Pay button in the cart page there is no animation. It may take a second or two to get the payment processed, so the customer could click on the button a few times, not sure if the payment went through. It would be nice to have the button with a spinner icon on...
  16. E

    Translating some of the Text in the Cart Check out page

    I want to translate some of the text in the cart checkout page, i have already modified part of the interface in the rest of my website. I am currently using the DAVINCI theme. I cant find the .php page where i can edit the php code to change the words that are marked with red in the photo...
  17. tamzy

    Adding Bitcoin to Stripe

    Hi there, I am using Stripe as my credit card processor. I know that you can add Bitcoin as a payment option for customers when you are using Stripe. How do I add this to my checkout form?
  18. jeighseauxn

    Problems when checking out

    Hello, I'm needing some help with my checkout page. So when you add items to the cart and fill out the shipping information and click "proceed to checkout" the page refreshes and clears all the boxes, and I get a error message that say's "Setting payment not found or type undefined". I've...
  19. D

    Cart popup and Cart page are showing weird stuff

    Hello, Cart popup and Cart page are showing very strange. it showing something like comments (/* /*), (/*]]>*//*]]>*//*Material:For iPhone 5S SE/*]]>*/) Please take a look at the screenshot name: issue-1 Cart(Checkout page) is showing badly as well. Please take a look at the image attached...
  20. neeraj89

    Paypal business or personal account?

    Hey Guys, Do i need a business account or personal is ok? will paypal objects, if i receive recurring payments under personal paypay ac? Please share your experiences.. Thanks.