1. julieh

    Help with Making Footer Consistent

    Newbie Alert! I did search the forum but found no answer to this so please excuse me if it has been discussed before. I would like to have the footer on my blog match the footer on my store. I don't want my visitors to feel like they are hopping between two different sites when they go between...
  2. Cam

    Add Alidropship Woo Commerce

    Hello; Is it possible to add Alidropship woo commerce plugin to an established blog to add a store to the website? Thank you.
  3. Andrés S.

    How to enter the "blog" on the homepage of Michelangelo

    Hi guys I wanted to know if the theme "Michelangelo" can enable the option of the "blog" being the main page. On the other hand know if in the "blog" I can introduce products (the alidropship application) and how to introduce those products, through a link? My idea on this page is to create...
  4. mglazebroo

    blog posts not working for pinterest, instagram and twitter

    the error in the logs is this for all three: Undefined index: setting, called in /Events/Twitter.php on line 0 inst = Undefined index: setting, called in /Events/Instagram.php pinterest = Undefined index: setting, called in /Events/Pinterest.php please help
  5. O

    Blogging for dropshipper ??

    Hi all, I'm pretty new in e-commerce. I read a lot of articles saying that blogging is important to be successful in online selling. May I ask those who are successful in online selling, esp dropshipping, do all of them have a blogging post? If yes, may I know what is the website to explore a...
  6. Sockis

    Where to get help for blog problem?

    Hi, I thought giving this a try, maybe someone tackles with the same problem! When I am writing a blog post to my web site's blog it looks exactly like a want as a draft whether I am aligning the pictures to right or left. As soon as I hit that publish or preview button all the pictures are...
  7. AryanShirani

    Blog, should we use same website or dedicated blog site ?

    Hi, i would like to know what you suggest for SEO pourpose, i would like to start writing articles, but i don't know if is better to create a dedicated website or keep the same website, what do you think ?
  8. mushrukh

    customizing field for posting comment on blog

    Hi Alidropship team Can you please provide the customizable option of fields that are required to comment on the blogs post as many of our readers don't want to share their email id. so we would like to just have 2 options that are Name and Comment box. I know email id is very important but...
  9. mushrukh

    Davinci Blog section Bug

    Hi @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova in the blog section at the bottom of the blog where we comment on it. The section gave for names, email site seems very disturbing as well can you just change it and make it highlighted in the box itself? I am attaching the pic kindly check it
  10. G

    Home page and blog page shows same title - How to change ?

    Hello Team, Home page and blog page shows same title. It is bad impact on seo. How to change the header title of blog page ?
  11. E

    How do we set up subscriptions in Blog?

    Hi, I am wondering how to set up the two areas in blog where e-mails are collected and where it says to download the guide for Drop shipping. I can not figure out where e-mails are being collected. I have mail chimp subscriptions working on the "Subscription form" section. I have found the two...
  12. Silvia

    Category link on Blog post is not working

    Hi! When I click on categories at the left widget, link is working. But, when clicking on the category below the blog post title the link is not working... Here's the screenshot from my last blog post... Thank you in advance, S
  13. Silvia

    Importing products into blog

    Hi! An easy way to import products with buy now/add to cart option into blog post will be fine :) Cheers, S