alidropship payment gateway issue

  1. stevenluong

    Problem with Payment Gateway !

    Hi everybody , I had a problem with my payment gateway in the images below . Hope someone will help me to fix it . This is my first sale :(( Thank you very much for your help !
  2. Mar

    Gateway is damaged

    I need Alidropship support team to help me find out why I have so much failed orders,(abandoned, cancelled, failed). When Paypal Express Payment failed I have eight failed orders before it was fixed. When it was fixed abandoned orders continued. The chat support advised me to disable the Paypal...
  3. D

    UPDATED: Square and Stripe Payment Gateway Setup Will Square be implement into the payment gateways in the future? Mahalo from Hawaii
  4. CP Value House

    Array ( [error] => cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds )

    I don't know know if any one has run into this issue when accepting payments. I am using both PayPal and Stripe to take payments on my website, but it seems that there is an issue with the payments being authorized by either, Upon review of my activities list in the AliDropship Dashboard I...