Gateway is damaged


I need Alidropship support team to help me find out why I have so much failed orders,(abandoned, cancelled, failed). When Paypal Express Payment failed I have eight failed orders before it was fixed. When it was fixed abandoned orders continued. The chat support advised me to disable the Paypal Express Payment but it still continue. Today I have another failed order and it is different. It is marked Gateway is damaged with error code.
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... Please find out what this is all about.
Was this resolved?

If so, can you say publicly what the issue was just in case I or another reading this experience the same?

Or is it something that only the support team can know about and fix?
I have the same problem, when tried to make payment via Paypal , appear message Gateway is damaged at Alidropship dashboard
I need Alidropship support team to help .
My customer order has this issue
I tested and tried to checkout and make payment myself , have the same issue .