alidropship affiliates

  1. khurram017

    Aliplugin Team Do not respnd

    I'm running 5 Ali Express affiliate websites with Ali Affiliate Plugin. I deleted one of the websites due to some reasons and when reinstalled Wordpress and Aliplugin, it gives error "Limit Exceeded". I have tried to contact the support team at their email ( but no...
  2. khurram017

    Importing products cause "iNodes" problem

    Hello! Most of the people like me use web hosting with limited "inodes" available in spite of buying an unlimited hosting plan. When I import products to my sites, it rapidly eats inodes. The images are even not imported on my own server but it counts every image linked from AliExpress. It is...
  3. J

    What is in your AliDropship Affiliate Dashboard

    Account activity such as the number of clicks, conversions and payouts can be viewed in your Affiliate Dashboard. It is your central hub for everything you need to make money with AliDropship affiliate program and our top quality products. It’s intuitive and easy to use, just head over to...
  4. Yaros

    AliDropship Affiliate Program launched!

    Ever since we started AliDropship, way back in 2015, our customers and friends have been asking if we had an affiliate program they could join. At the time, we did not. But today we have exciting news, for us and for you. Just this week we launched our affiliate program, allowing people to earn...
  5. J

    You're welcome to join the AliDropship Affiliate Program

    Hello, We are happy to announce the launch of AliDropship Affiliate Program! What does this mean? Our affiliate program is a way for you to earn money for spreading the word about us. As an AliDropship affiliate you can make up to $284 on every purchase of our products made because of your...