1. A

    Perfect For Video Promo, Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

    Easiest Way To Create Better And More Engaging Showcase Product Promo And Ads Using 210 Done For You High Quality Templates! Perfect For Video Promo, Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Or Any Online Ads Promotion Platform Out There! :) :cool...
  2. salemzaid1

    Bing Ads Conversion Tracking

    Anybody know how to set up the tracking code for Bing Ads? Currently, only got my conversion set up to track the /thankyou page. But I would like to track purchase value and such. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. BmStore

    Ads Manager Accounts Daily Budget of $4000 A Day

    Hello i am happy to announce we have ads manager accounts with $4000 daily limit I have 69 account available but will have more soon All accounts are verified We have from USA and UK and FR Screenshot Price: $60 Instant Delivery After Purchase. 24×7...
  4. Edward

    Doing facebook ads wihtout VAT number

    I want to try facebook ads, but when I setup my account, it asks me for VAT number, which I don't have. So I choose instead the options: `No, I am not buying ads for business purposes`, where it doesn't asks your for VAT. Can I still run ads for my dropshipping store this way, or I will...
  5. Dajan03

    Twitter ads

    I have been researching on dropshippng for awhile and I have not found anything concerning Twitter ads. Is there anything wrong with advertising on Twitter?
  6. M

    How to be successful with Facebook ADs

    Hi, I have been trying FB Ads to my shopify store [I want to try Alidropship] but before that I want to make sure I am doing my FB Ads properly. I have been trying since February 2017 and almost spent nearly $200 on FB ads but no sales at all, I want to learn the exact way to get a good and...
  7. Gelot

    Anyone having problems with Facebook Ads being active but not running or delivering?

    Anyone knows any troubleshooting steps for this?
  8. S

    Facebook Catalog Plugin

    I am trying to get a plugin to create facebook catalog that's compatible with alidropship. Any advise?
  9. Holyhi

    struggling to make a sale...

    I launched my store about a week ago but no sales yet. so far I have been struggling to make a sale ... my store has been all set and also made 4 of social media accounts and bought Rabbit plugin as well. So I was entirely ready to sell. I was eager to make a sale so I actually did my first...