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  1. Nikson11

    Please help, Problem!

    Hello guys I have problem with plugin, when I want to put this product Doesnt work. Is it about product or its some my failure? Thanks!
  2. D

    Add To Cart button problem

    Hi, my add-to-cart button has a problem on mobile, which comes from the plugin. There’s an odd “-OR-” that appears between the number-of-products-selector and the actual “add to cart” button. Any help much appreciated
  3. Omor Faruk

    The Produced can't be delivered to any country Contact us for details

    Hello, Some product of my website show an alert when i click in Add to cart button , The message is "The Produced can't be delivered to any country Contact us for details" , i sent mail to support but they don't replay , So why this message is showing ? And How to solve it . If you click this...
  4. W

    BUY NOW Option

    Is there a theme with Add to Cart and BUY NOW option for the customers... I am using Rembrandt and have only Add to Cart Buy Now option really speeds up buying process for buyers with no time to or not wanting to go through Add to cart process Buy Now takes them straight to check out page...
  5. O

    Da Vinci 2.0 WOO - Button add to cart

    hi :) How can this possibility be eliminated .btn.disabled Only when the customer marks the product does the color become normal NOW ↓ I NEED ↓ Thank you
  6. M


    My Customers can't add to cart more than one product
  7. Suyin

    Fatal Error Displayed on Add to Cart

    Hi, I have been trying for days and could not seem to solve this. Please help. Warning: require_once(page.cart.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/stylexcl/public_html/wp-includes/template.php on line 688 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required...
  8. thakarpratik

    Nothing happens when clicking on Add to Cart

    I updated the theme to latest version . When i see the product and click on Add to Cart nothing happens. I may be loosing out on orders because of this , and I dont know what is the issue
  9. Slaaavi

    help: How to create a custom “Add to Cart” URL

    Hi, I want to make different landing pages for the same product, so I can split test which one is going to work best. But I'm having troubles to put "Add to Cart" button linked to specific product on my landing page. I'm with ALIDROPSHIP PLUGIN (not WOO). So I just want to code by-myself the...
  10. S

    Add to carts but no Sales

    Hello, I am running Facebook ads, I see 45 Add To Cars in Facebook Campaigns but I don't see any sales. I have setup abandoned cart e-mails also, I don't seen any mails in the queue. Does this mean that Alidropship plugin sent e-mails to customers who abandoned carts ? Any help here is greatly...
  11. T

    Prices are missing and add to cart not working - help please

    I manually update my products coz it did not update automatically and also updated my michael angelo theme and now when I click on the product itself its not showing any prices and add to cart botton is not working. :( prices are only showing on the homepage thumbnail. my website is...
  12. natezilla

    "Add to Cart" Feature for Related Products

    One small detail that I believe may help get more sales is the ability for shoppers to add an item to their cart from the related items displayed at the bottom of a product listing. Currently, users have to click on the thumbnail to go to the product's page and then add the item to their cart...
  13. Dannysanjurnny

    Products from plugin dont show add to cart

    Hello, guys I just purchase an install the woocommerce version but the products imported does not show the add to cart but the ones from normal woocomerce do. Please help.