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    HELP: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error???

    Go to your cpanel, and tick the ioncubeloader on select php version menu
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    Upgrade plugin to php8

    Hi, thank you but because it's too long i already update and redoing all my customization again on the new plugin, i send you my email and you can close my case
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    Upgrade plugin to php8

    Yup, i contact support and they can't fix it for almost 1 month
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    Upgrade plugin to php8

    Anyone able to update alidropship plugin to php v8 without losing their setting? I can update all my alidropship woo plugin successfully but for my site which using original plugin, all my customization and settings all gone
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    Store for sale

    Hi, want to sell one of my store, T-shirt niche want to sell at 150$, not making sell yet, DM me for offer if no one buy until end of the year, I will redo the store and change the niche Paid plugin & themes included: - Alidropship woo plugin - Astra theme pro - ads google merchant - schema...
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    How to install plugin for PHP8?

    Hi, anyone have step by step how to instal alidropship plugin for PHP8? what is the step? do we need to uninstall the old version first?
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    Want to sell T-shirt store

    Sorry chris not interested in selling the plugins, if no one interested on the store i will redo the store so i will reuse all my plugins
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    Want to sell T-shirt store

    I can't transfer ownership as I have the lifetime growth bundle, the same license is used on all my other site
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    Want to sell T-shirt store

    I want to sell 1 of my stores, currently not making any sales yet I want to change niche, so if no one buy I will redo everything end of the year Want to sell at $350 - Paid theme : astra pro (lifetime license) Paid plugin : Schema Pro Alidropship woo Social rabbit Google...
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    T-shirt Store for sale

    Want to sell 1 of my stores, this one haven't make any sell yet I am thinking of changing the niche, so if no one buy will redo for other niche by end of this year selling at $300 - Paid Themes: Astra Pro (lifetime license) Paid plugins: 1. Schema Pro 2. Ads Google...
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    Blocksy theme with inbuilt Woocommerce built in the theme

    Yes mine usually around 2s, but this will also depend on your hosting
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    Blocksy theme with inbuilt Woocommerce built in the theme

    One of my site use blocksy and I don't have any issue at all
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    Question about Woo themes

    Yes, but some of alidropship addon may not compatible
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    Mobile Optimization

    Don't use alidropship themes, there's many woocommerce themes which is faster and have better compatibilities with other plugins, I changed all my stores to other themes already
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    remove the number of producthiis from menu

    Try this