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    City from customer will not be transfered into the aliexpress order process

    Hi, the customer filled out the order form with name, street, city, zip and country in our shop. when we forward the order to aliexpress we are getting a strange behavior with two errors. first the city will be forwarded to aliexpress order for a moment. then in the next moment the first...
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    Hide and preselect "shipping from" + "china"

    Hi, sometimes there are products available which can be shipped from different places: China, US, Spain, etc. i want to add this product, but i would like 1) to ship ALWAYS from china. so that should be preselected 2) hide the "Shipped" from field how to set this up in WooCommerce? Before...
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    PHP Notice and Warning

    Hi, why am I getting this PHP notice and warning like all the time PHP Notice: Undefined index: alidswoo/alidswoo.php in /home/wontrend3/public_html/wp-content/plugins/alidswoo/core/update.php on line 0 PHP Warning: session_start(): Cannot start session when headers already sent in...
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    Invoices ?!

    if you are in the EU you can use: WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional or you connect your store to Billbee to manage and create Invoices from different onlinestores / plattforms like ebay and amazon. and yeah - you have to invest to earn more.
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    Aliexpress Invoices

    Hi, we tested the AliExpress order process and have a big question regarding the AE invoices. We generated a single invoice, since we have only one order. We noticed that the AE Page will only generate a simple HTML page. What if i have 500 orders a day? ok there is a bulk invoice button...
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    AliDropship Google Chrome extension ver. - UPDATE

    Hi Victoria, is it possible to generate a pdf invoice? so far the page is generating a html page. is there a possibility to send the invoice automatically to the E-mail of the company? Is there a plugin for that? thanks
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    nice attributes hook error message

    1) i followed your suggestion and the path, downloaded and opened the php file and i got this: E¿¦gRya˜ ñYÐÔô»&«òë…¶ßòßHëC•rÆ 9quoX¤•¹GÜŒÒéúÉ>c|ðÕIu±ÚW³GÜBÕ}9¯Ãòm)ý*âÀ?pÉD¶Ýþ>y*î=ÖŸt¥}šGxÏq/¾NØC{±b®zQ³¹›P/‹†Ùå{&zy×U—F ƒ— ” ¥ryÌN‹†oþi¢...
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    nice attributes hook error message

    Hi, i am getting suddenly this error message in the shop. Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/wontrend3/public_html/wp-content/plugins/alidswoo/core/nice_attributes_hooks.php on line 0 what is this about? thanks
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    Alidproship Product Notification E-Mail contains too many information

    the alidropship plugin notification regarding - Products with prices changed - Products with variations disappeard our is out of stock contains repeating products 4 x Product 1 32 x Product 2 27 x Product 3 42 x Product 4 (again) 4x Product 1 (again) 32 x Product 2 (again) 27 x Product 3...
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    Variation Disappears after some time.

    yeah, you are absolutely right. Maybe the SUPPORT can tell us, what else to do then a PRODUCT RESET, when a product is suddenly OUT OF STOCK, even tho it is not on ALI EXPRESS.
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    URGENT: total confusion because of attribute names! after RESET PRODUCT - attributes mismatch

    Hello Irene, thanks for your answer. i appreciate it. i used to rename the attributes and terms already with the import tool like you suggested. the problem is for me, that in first place (today again) some products disappear on my page because they seem to be out of stock. then i HAVE to...
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    Gateway Timeout! Shop not available because of PRODUCT RESET

    i send you an email to access the installation. thanks in advance
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    self assigned variation image disappeared after Product Reset

    hi, i uploaded and assigned my own images with german translation in the picture to the product variations. when i press PRODUCT RESET, my own images were deleted from the media and the old images with english text were attached to the variations. is that normal? can that be turned off? what...