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    Retargeting through Facebook ads?

    If you have enough experience with Wordpress I suggest you try Ali Woo so you can easily do product catalogue feeds.
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    FB/IG Ads Keep Getting Disapproved due to "Low Quality Commerce"

    Anybody else experiencing this when trying to promote AliExpress products? Would appreciate suggestions on solving this, or if not other more effective methods of promotion. My site is fully set up but we were banking on FB/IG ads and we get this. :(
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    Return AliExpress Tracking number to Woo?

    Amazing. Thanks for the response, we can't wait! :)
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    Getting customer their tracking number

    I didn't realize the tracking number appears in the notifications! Thanks for this little tip. I also vote for this feature to be automated further in the future!
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    Return AliExpress Tracking number to Woo?

    Hi Yaros, Is it possible that once order has been completed in AliExpress that the Tracking number be sent back to WooCommerce, so that the customer can use it on 17track? It's quite tedious to manually email customers their tracking number. Thanks.