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    Email account variations

    Hi all, I was hoping that somebody who has run their own company can speak on the optimum amount of email address so that things dont get too cluttered or become too barren and potentially overlooked. This is so that the different sectors of your company aren't all just feeding through to one...
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    Chrome extension is not working properly.

    The real issue was that one of the plugins was interfering with the Alidropship plugin. Thank you for your reply.
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    Payment method

    I've built my own wordpress website and am using the alidropship woo plugin, however I have not begun yet (my website is still in development) because of the business side of things. Payment gateways. If you don't have capital, a credit card or if you have a credit card that has a very small...
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    Chrome extension is not working properly.

    Hi all, I have a problem with the chrome extension being "Off" at times. It does work, but it is intermittent and unreliable. Just to clarify: I have installed the plugin I go to the dropship plugin and click the red "Use direct import" button The red nav on the top reads "to start adding...