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    Alidropship for Woocommerce import reviews not working

    This is what I am here for too. Last night I left my laptop on for whole night and kept the import review tab alive for whole time. After almost 2-3 hours it imported almost 200 reviews for like 15 products only. Total progress 25%. That means it does work, it does import but VERY SLOW. Also...
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    Problem with importing comments / reviews

    Hello, The plugin was working fine until I decided to import some fresh comments from AliExpress. 1. Comment importing was extremely slow. It took me 2 full days to import comments for 100 products. Then I checked the comments already imported and noticed next issue. 2. It ignores the...
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    Migrating from Default AliDropship Plugin to Woo Plugin

    Basically its the issue with theme because of which I want to migrate to Woo version. Using other premium themes you can make you site look more awesome and more genuine. You can also tweak other themes as per your wish but you cant change much in default themes. Also all the marketing related...
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    Migrating from Default AliDropship Plugin to Woo Plugin

    Hello, I've been using default AliDropship plugin with default theme. Now after the release of Woo plugin, I want to move to woo plugin with different theme. However, I've almost 100 products in my store and all products are optimized. I don't want to import all the products from zero. So...
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    Beta test for AliDropship WooCommerce plugin by hunybuny2

    It is still not working at my end as well. In above post, I've also mentioned issue with some specific products.
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    Beta test for AliDropship WooCommerce plugin by hunybuny2

    2. I tried that, but still no result. But then I tried to import some other products and those were imported perfectly. For example, check this product. I tried to import it 5 times with all the plugins disabled and then some plugins enabled, but could not import it in any scenario. But on the...
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    Beta test for AliDropship WooCommerce plugin by hunybuny2

    Hello everyone, First of all I would like to thank @Yaros for providing me this opportunity to beta test this amazing plugin. Now, coming over to beta test results. 1. Installation: Installation was smooth, installed like a regular wordpress plugin and found no errors / issues. 2. Set Up...
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    Beta-Testers Needed!

    Sent you a PM
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    Cart not working on Davinci theme

    Issue was solved by contacting support.
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    Import products directly

    You need to wait for import process to complete. Once it is complete it will automatically get all the required data. For now, you can trash and then permanently delete these items and then import them again. This time, wait for import to finish...
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    Wrong Image Shows in Gallery

    If only first image shows wrong, then you need to make sure that featured image and 1st image saved in gallery are same. This way rest of the images will get into order automatically...
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    Discount on Multiple Items

    This feature is not available yet. However, these guys told that they will improve their coupon system. Lets wait for next update...
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    Wrong Image Shows in Gallery

    You go in gallary and fix images as per your desire, then in same area at top, check "save now" or some thing. First save from there and then publish or update item. It will fix this.