Migrating from Default AliDropship Plugin to Woo Plugin


I've been using default AliDropship plugin with default theme. Now after the release of Woo plugin, I want to move to woo plugin with different theme. However, I've almost 100 products in my store and all products are optimized. I don't want to import all the products from zero.

So please tell me how can I migrate from Default AliDropship plugin to AliDropshipWoo plugin without disturbing all my imported products.

Out of curiosity,
What are the reasons that you want to migrate to the woo-commerce plugin?
In reading the comparison between the two, there are many marketing tools missing from the woo plugin.

Thanks in advance for your time.
Basically its the issue with theme because of which I want to migrate to Woo version. Using other premium themes you can make you site look more awesome and more genuine. You can also tweak other themes as per your wish but you cant change much in default themes. Also all the marketing related things can be found using other plugins. However, in my opinion, woo version is still great even without all those missing stuff. Its all about your personal preferences.

On Topic...
Any one with any sort of help ?
@Yaros ?


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I believe Yaros said before that you cannot migrate between plugins.
But you are right, the Woo version allows you to fully customize your site look and everything else can be done with plugins.