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    What Is Dropship.Me And How It Works?

    It looks like that you cannot use the Alidropship and plugins at the same time in the same WP site, as it will through a system error.
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    Product not available in shop anymore but available on aliexpress

    I seem to have the same issue with the Plugin. repeatedly I get the same message: 'Variation for Product disappeared on AliExpress. Variation was disabled.' Why is this happening suddenly?
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    Selling my shop

    This is not really a shop, just a domain name, hosting space and the base installation of the plugin...?
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    European Union: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Iam sure they are as I have posted some messages about it on here. Just search for 'GDPR' without anyything else after it.
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    Are you GDPR compliant?

    GDPR could be crippling online stores and websites. Let's see who is on the ball for this new legislation:
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    GDPR Compliance

    The new rules on GDPR are coming into force next month. This new rule applies to anyone running a business online, no matter where you are based! The fines of non-compliance are up to 10000 Euros for each failure and immediate closure and shut-down of the non-compliant sites! While this seems...
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    Image uploading creates HUGE folder !

    Interesting discussion guys. Another point which increases the number of images is around the 'editing' function within the plugin. This seems to create more images every time a watermark is being removed... I am with you guys on this - ie. figuring out which images ARE being used to keep save...
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    Cannot log into the Admin area?

    Hi, I think I have found the issue causing the logout. It appears to be related to the Abandoned Cart plugin last update. I disabled it in CPanel and then was able to get into the WP Admin area without problems. Checking the CPanel database files I found that there is one which doesn't seem to...
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    Cannot log into the Admin area?

    Since the last update I am having issues accessing my admin area. When i do go to my site, entering the user and password details, I get an error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare adsaban_sql_list() in on line 0 If I then remove the "/wp-admin/" part from the URL and press 'Enter', I get to...
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    AliDropship Google Chrome Extension update Ver., AliDropship 1.0 RC 4 UPDATE

    All these changes are sooo confusing and fiddly to so many people.... I wish we could have the auto-update for plugin and themes. The update for Chrome is simple enough by selecting the Extension and then choose update from the top menu.
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    AliDropship Themes Update

    Anything moving on the front of being able to update themes directly from the themes notification automation?
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    Ali Inspector AliExpress Product Research Software

    Read this post:
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    Problem in HTTPS products

    I guess the best way would be to import the images to your server and that should fix that. If you have images showing directly from Ali, then the SSL notice would be highlighting this to the visitors on your site. Unless anyone here has other suggestions...?
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    Net Profit Calculator

    Great idea. This would help in stopping guesswork or using external spreadsheets to estimate income potential.
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    AliDropship Themes Update

    I second that. The last few update releases all seem to require manual intervention rather than the simple 'Update' click? I am always worried about switching between themes as this doesn't always bring the desired results and can jumble up field relationships... :-(